Project Directors

It was a frantic morning. We were driving to Houston for a wedding and needed to be on the road 10 minutes ago. “Why are you rushing so much?” There were miscommunications. “Wait? We are supposed to be in town by 11:30?”

We threw the kids in the car, stuffed the bags in the back and were off.

About 45 minutes down the road, we realized it. We forgot one of the kids.

Ha, kidding, No, no. We had all of the kids. We didn’t have the camera. We had three girls with great dresses and no camera.


At a recent Marriage Preparation Workshop that V and I facilitate, we heard a couple speak of their way of making things work—Project Directors. Everything in the house has a “project director”. One of them would take lead on any given project and the other could only ask three questions. After that, they’re offered the lead, in a serious way. If you’re asking more questions than that, then maybe you care enough to take the lead.

Our Houston trip needed a Project Director. I assumed V was doing things she expected me to do. We didn’t talk through it, so mostly, this wasn’t realized until the morning we were to leave. While it is great to think that both of us will have the bandwidth to both be a part of all aspects of all things in our marriage and household, it is increasingly not true.

Between current schooling, applying to schools for O for Kindergarten, getting T into pre-school, the girls’ therapy and medical, my work trips, maintaining the house, planning summer trips, finances, volunteer work, you have to divide, communicate, and conquer.

The trip, in the end, went well, but, as the first trip with three kids involving a hotel, without other family around, it did reveal plenty of growth potential and future blog material.

photocredit: flickr

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