The Little Things

O is four years old and starting to take care of herself in the bathroom. For her, this is a big step toward independence. It’s easy for me to overlook the importance of each aspect of this is to her.

One point of the bathroom experience she has taken to heart is toilet paper. Both the exact number of squares that V suggested as the right amount and the necessity of the toilet paper being perfectly separated off the roll.

One day, while in a rush (as is the case in all stories like this), I didn’t want to wait for her to count out the exact number of squares and spend an incredible amount of time ensuring that the paper was separate without as much as a slight tear off of the perforation. I grab a bit of paper and just ripped it off.

She lost it.

It was the end of her world.

She started bawling. While sitting on the toilet.

As she said, I had messed up. I had the wrong amount of toilet paper. She pointed to the frayed ends.

One thing I’ve forgotten more times than I can remember about fatherhood is to recall that even though these little people are often very rational and can point out flaws in my arguments, their worldview is still relatively small. These seemingly minor things are still extremely important to them and we can’t forget that.

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