Damn You Pampers

Watching some of the Super Bowl ads, I can only say damn you to Pampers.

This is a beautiful commercial. Perhaps it is because of the two eight-week olds across the room who just graduated to those exact Size 1 Cookie Monster diapers in the clip that it brings a tear to my eye. No wait, it’s the cedar. The cedar pollen sucks. That’s totally what it is.

Or Similac and their Sisterhood of Motherhood Parenthood commercial (will forego any more of my usual “what about the dads!” bit):

The emotion of running after the lost stroller, while comedic, is still genuine. No matter the parenting choices, I feel like most parents really get hit hard when they hear about something happening to a kid, as in they can put themselves in those parents shoes. It’s why I stopped watching Law & Order: SVU. Before parenthood, I could watch it all day without care. The wrong episode about something happening to a kid now and I’m installing military-grade proximity sensors around the house.

I’m a stoic guy. I’ve been through enough that a lot in the world doesn’t make an impact on me. Fatherhood has a way about it. I’m not a softie, even with the girls. At least, not yet.

2 thoughts on “Damn You Pampers

  1. Bravo to Pampers for 1) not just having upper middle class white families featured and 2) not shying away from what’s real (e.g. childbirth, breastfeeding). They showed both in a way that felt realistic without needing to be gratuitous.

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